12 Jun 2013

Kidnapping a Pregnant Lady

Last weekend was SO fun! Me and Sofia kidnapped Tove (who is getting married this Saturday) dressed like this!

We rang her doorbell in these suits and held up a sign saying she had 20 mins to pack an overnight bag, her reaction was priceless! But it was extremely hot in the suits and I could hardly breath in that mask, so we had to rush her even more!

Then we took her into a nice hotel in Stockholm where we stayed the night, and the next day we met up with Tove's other friends and did lots of fun activities, it was a great hen do!


Emma said...

Hi. Those costumes are amazing! Zippy lol.

Angie Bailey said...

This. is. hilarious!

Amy Powell said...

that's so much fun! love it.

clipping path service company said...

Very funny and interesting photo. I am really enjoying your post very much !!

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