30 Mar 2012

5 x Easter Ideas

Easter is soon upon us, yay! Easter for me means warmer weather, chocolate and yummy devilled eggs to eat. Another thing I associate it with is "pyssel" which means crafting or making things with your hands. It's such a nice thing to do with your family, when I have kids I'm gonna force them to craft with me all the time :)
Here are five cool Easter ideas, enjoy!
1. Last year I made these Easter Fortune Eggs, they were a huge hit with my friends!

2. Beautiful Easter lunch spread by Donal Skehan. I especially like the look of that Chocolate Crater Cake.
3. Wicked Surprise Marbled Egg tutorial by Kimberly Cun.
4. How cute are these bread rolls? I imagine the bunnies wouldn't be too hard to do. Images from Maman Blog.
5. Super cool egg decorating idea; sticking temporary tattoos on hard-boiled eggs! From Tattly blog.


smäm said...

love the tattooed eggs!

Unknown said...

Love the fortune egg idea, might have to try that with my husband! And that little birdie roll KILLS me...probably couldn't pull that one off though :)

cb said...

egg fortune is such a cute idea and i love the last images of the beautifully decorated eggs. yea if we ever have kids they are gonna craft with me too!

Tina said...

Those bunny rolls just made my day.

Anonymous said...

how cute are this breadballs???? :D

Unknown said...

so much fun! so cute :)

Nina said...

Å, vilken kul idé med lyckoägg! Verkligen bra pyssel!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Ooh, that chocolate crater cake looks delicious! And those little bunny buns are adorable!

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