16 Dec 2011

Awesome Vintage/Lomography Effect Software

I wanted to tell you about this really cool software I've found, it's called Toycamera AnalogColour. It's a cheap and fun software that instantly gives your photos a sweet vintage effect. You can make your photos look like they've been taken with a Polaroid or Diana camera, or just give them a soft retro look. You could probably achieve the same effects with Photoshop, but this program is just so much quicker and easier!

Here you can see what I mean, the first one of each photo is the original, second one is after I put it through the software.

The software costs $12 and you can download it here.


Jocee said...

that is spectacular. especially the second photos. :))
-jocee <3

Rebecca said...

WOW! I just might have to download that software. Such a fantastic effect!!!!

arvee marie said...

Love the first photo! ♥ I wpuld try this today! ♥ ;D Love the retro effect on the photos!

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