26 Nov 2011

A Fashionable Goose and The Best Pasta in London

This week I was invited to a really fun launch party at Coach on New Bond St.
It was the revealling of this new tote bag designed by fabulous fashion blogger Emily Johnston, editor of Fashion Foie Gras. I think the bag is gorgeous, and it's perfect for bloggers because it has a really clever compartment for your dslr camera!
Here's the lovely Emily herself with her creation. Emily is known for being the nicest woman in fashion!
I love photo booths, so fun at parties! The second pic of Lauren cracks me up, she looks like a teenager with an attitude!
There were yummy drinks of course...
And little goose biscuits, cute!
There were also a lot of beautiful, very fashionable people!
After the party Lauren took me to Vapiano, a fab Italian restaurant behind Oxford Circus.
They have different stations where you order your food, and then the chefs cooks it in front of you. We both went for pasta.
A lot of basil, I love the scent!
First you decide what kind of fresh pasta you would like, then what topping and flavours.
The pasta was probably the best I have ever had in London, so much flavour and soo yum!
All in all, an excellent night!


Paula said...

the best pasta in london? i might need to get on a plane and check that out for myself! ;) thanks for sharing!

Lo said...

So amazing! She is such a clever lady, a pouch for your dslr camera...so perfection! And that restaurant looks so to die for! I need to be there! :) -Lo

Jocee said...

oh my lip goss, share! that look so beautiful. :))
-jocee <3

La Burbuja Rosa said...

wow Love these London tips,great post Lisa!

Chrissy said...

Oh, wow, that pasta place looks amazing! Love pasta!
And that coach bag...AH...need I say more?!
Happy weekend, sweetie xxx

Tina said...

Ooo! Sounds fun, indeed. :)

Shutterbug said...

looks like you have a wonderful time! great photos!

Unknown said...

i love that girl's short haircut! Makes me miss my old pixie cut :( I NEED to visit London. GAH!

Jenna said...

Looks like such a fun night! And such an awesome idea to let guests create their own pasta - YUM!


Janette said...

How do you get all these cool invitations to fancy launch parties????!!! LUCKY!!! That's a beautiful bag!

Janette, the Jongleur

Summer-Raye said...

Lauren seems so much fun! :) Looks like an awesome night.


Eleni said...

Holy crap I went to the BEST Spanish restaurant in London on Friday, I've been telling everyone about it - Fino on Charlotte Street (just behind Goodge Street station). Best food I've EVER eaten! Seriously! You must go!

This pasta place looks pretty amazing too though, I do love me some pasta!

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