22 Nov 2011

Bath Mini Break - Day 2

Day two of our stay in Bath started off perfectly with a yummy hotel breakfast. Then we had spa treatments at the hotel spa; one massage and one facial each, it was so nice! Then we went swimming for a little bit and after that we had lunch.
After lunch we decided to walk into Bath city centre, it was such a beautiful day, the nature and scenery in Bath is amazing!

The walk into town was a lot longer than we thought, so we jumped on a bus for the last bit, and then finally arrived to Bath's cute little centre, it was really lovely.
We also loved the architecture of the town.

We had a look at the Roman Baths but we didn't go in, we went for a coffee instead. I managed to spill half of it on myself though, when I was trying to scare away a cocky pigeon.
Luckily for us, that evening there was a town concert to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights in Bath. There were different artists performing, and some carol singing that we joined in on, it was all lovely, and it felt very "christmassy".

John Cleese switched on the lights! He was very funny and had a very young, skinny girlfriend!

The next morning James woke me up early to look at the sunset, it was so beautiful! After going back to bed for some more snoozing, we headed back home to London, very content with our mini break in Bath!


Hannah said...

Lovely photos, Bath looks wonderful!
I'm in love with that sunset, I've an obsession!♥

Unknown said...

You both look marvellous!! I assume you had a magnificient time and enjoyed also nice weather!!! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

Chrissy said...

Wonderful photos! Looks like so muh fun!
Hugs xxx

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a wonderful getaway! I love all the Christmas happenings....and how cool that John Cleese turned on the lights! :D

cb said...

your little vacation looks and sounds so relaxing! i really want to go to a spa and get a message! sounds so soothing! glad you had a fantastic time!

Malin said...

Ni verkar ha haft en riktigt mysig liten semester.
Kram Malin

Unknown said...

your photos came out BEAUTIFULLY. WELL done!

Shutterbug said...

sounds romantic! so jealous!

Johanna said...

Det ser underbart ut. Jag var i Bath en kortis i våras när jag bodde i London. Tyvärr spöregnade det, så det var liksom inte så mysigt att gå runt i stan. Men gud vad vackert det såg ut att vara!

Earendil said...

it sounds like you had some fun there :) and the last picture really is gorgeous :)

Eleni said...

Ha ha! The second to last picture, of the main street with all the Christmas lights? My flat's at the top of that road! Sadly I was ill in bed on that evening but I could still hear the singing! John Cleese recently moved to Bath, because of his young, skinny girlfriend :) She's a jewellery designer, I believe.

Unknown said...

Ahh, I love Bath! It sounds like you had a lovely time :)


RochellekeCloset said...

I love this place, stayed there for a month and i love it alot the shops are amazing!

following you now, hope you visit mine and follow back



Janette said...

Garsh! You are a beauty! Love your jacket and scarf combo! So dreamy!

Janette, the Jongleur

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