26 Jan 2011


I work in a small boutique in Highgate Village twice a week. Today we had a meeting with the Director of a shoe design company called CocoRose. He was showing us the new samples for their spring collection, they're really lovely foldable ballerinas, and I got a pair for free! Wohoo, I love freebies! Even better is that I really like these shoes, I alway buy a pair of ballerinas when spring comes. You are meant to take to these to parties and pop them on when you're feet are tired of heels, but I think I'll wear them instead of the heels!
They come in this cute little bag, perfect if you want to take them with you in your purse.


cb said...

nice score! virtual high five! hehe and what a cute bag they come in too!


La Burbuja Rosa said...

can I have those amazing ballerinas???Loooove them and they look so confortable!!! The pink bow in so cute and I like the clash between two colours!!Looovely choise!


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