29 Sep 2012

Wedding Gifts and Guest Book

Our friends and family put so much love and effort into their contributions to our wedding, it was a real emotional affair! 

James and I felt so lucky and appreciative of all the gifts that were given to us - and by gifts I don't only mean material things: The speeches were wonderful, my mum, bridesmaids and James' best man had all put together amazing videos for us, my cousins performed two beautiful songs, my brother Peter and James brother Carl were brilliant as the toastmasters, and so on... it was overwhelming.

We also gave and received some tangible things of course, here are a few of them:

We gave little thank-you gifts in these sweet bags to our bridesmaids and groomsmen...

For my bridesmaids I got freshwater pearl bracelets from notonthehighstreet.com...

which I personalised by attaching a silver letter charm.

One of my bridesmaids Tove gave me this awesome book at the wedding, it's about all the fun we had at my Swedish hen party, so sweet!

My friend Ulrica made us these beautiful pillow cases as a wedding gift, she is so talented! We absolutely love them.

Lastly I wanted to show you our wedding guest book. James and I came up with the idea that all the guests should take photos of themselves with a polaroid camera and stick in the guest book with their message. Me and my mum put together a bunch of props and organised a photo station at the wedding venue, and here's the result!


Sofia Bee said...

Vilken himla fin idé med gästboken!
Allt jag tänker när jag läser detta inlägg är hur oerhört fint det kommer vara för er att titta tillbaka på dessa saker och minnen om 10, 20 eller 50 år.

Grattis igen! :)

cb said...

I love when weddings do something special for the booksignimg. It lmakes it more memorable formyou and the guests!

Kate said...

the wedding guest book is such a great idea! how amazing to show future generations those messages.
beautiful wedding :)

Unknown said...

such a good and creative idea!!

Unknown said...

Personalized gifts from your guests and personalized wedding favors? It shows how truly loved and bless you are and also how much you appreciate your friends and family as well.


Peter said...

Congratulations, newlyweds! The guest book was a great idea! I like the idea of it being personalized. The pictures look good, but, honestly, I don’t think I would be able to do everything. It may be too much to handle. Preparing the gifts, preparing myself for “the day”, and taking pictures of everybody would be a total chaos if I did it. In my case, I would hire a professional photographer to lessen my worries.

Peter Pothier

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

@Peter Pothier:

We didn't take the shots for the guestbook, the guests did that themselves :)

DiamondsAre_ said...

The blessing of God is most important on this special day of wedding. Make her day ore memorable after gifted her with Diamond Gift.

Walter Tully said...

That's a very cute gift for the bridesmaids! And it's great to have a wedding guest book! The wedding album surely has high quality pictures and is very organized, but it is also awesome to have a personalized book that includes messages from your closest friends and family!

Unknown said...

Having a guest book is a great idea! Even short messages from your guests will surely delight you because with their sweet greetings, you'll remember them even more as being a part of your wedding. :)

Kelli Mueller

Rosaria said...

Came across your blogg. Amazing idea with the guest book. May i ask where you got the guest book from?

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