2 Oct 2012

Our Honeymoon Part 2

One of the coolest things we did in Mauritius was to visit the Casela Nature Park - we got to meet baby lions!

The view from the park was beautiful, I love the diverse landscape of Mauritius.

Check out the duck in the middle's head - huge! It looked really funny, I've never seen that type of duck before but apparently it's a red crested porchard duck.

We jumped on the park bus to get to the lions...

They were so sweet! There were five cubs, one of them really liked people (the one I'm stroking here), while some of the others preferred to run around or keep to themselves.

So beautiful!

There were fully grown lions too, but we didn't visit them, we preferred the little ones!


Jenna said...

Looks like so much fun - and you were able to get some great shots with the lions! We have a similar place here in Jo'burg, but when I was there it was so difficult to get the lion cubs to cooperate with the camera!


cb said...

That is so fantastic!! I can believe you got to toch those cuties!! The park is beautiful. That tree is amazing with its huge roots. What a romantic place.

Amber said...

whoa dude those lions are awesome! I think I would have been too scared to pet one though.

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