18 Sep 2012

I Have Been Drawn!

My lovely blog reader Amalia has drawn this beautiful portrait of me, I love it!
Amalia is a really talented illustrator and she has a wonderful blog called Pencils and Fireflies. She also has an etsy shop where she sells art prints and custom portraits.

Thank you ever so much Amalia!


Sailor July said...

Oh wow!!! That is GORGEOUS, Lisa!!! Amalia did an excellent job. :D

Anonymous said...

How sweet of her! She has a real talent too, it's so good! =)

Dear Fireflies said...

Thank you for posting the portrait, Lisa! I'm so glad you like it! (^_^) OXOX

Unknown said...

I found you on Amalia's blog, Pencils and Fireflies. Love this portrait she did of you.

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