26 Sep 2012

Our Honeymoon Part 1

While we wait for more photos from the wedding I thought I'd show you some pics from our honeymoon in Mauritius! It was just the most perfect holiday, really relaxing and fun. Mauritius is so beautiful and the people there are lovely.
The resort we stayed at was absolutely amazing!
It's called Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, here's James outside our villa.

We had an outdoor shower!
The beach was so incredible with the mountains in the background, and there was almost no people there, so relaxing!
They also had tents on the beach where you could have a romantic dinner or breakfast.

The hotel pool area wasn't too shabby either!

The amazing entrance to Maradiva Hotel.


Amy Powell said...

I'm sad to say I've never even heard of Mauritius before now. It looks incredible! love the pics :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

WOW - if the wedding wasn't knocking my socks off enough....this is a whole nother level of excitement! Mauritius is a dream!!!! outdoor shower, gimme some o' that :) you two couldn't be happier, i'm sure. wedded bliss suites you! xo ♥

Chrissy said...

Wow, it's absolutely amazing! xxx

Ti said...

Looks like a wonderful way to start a marriage :)

Maria Matiopoulou said...

I've never been to Mauritius but it looks like a dreamy destination ;) It must have been an amazing honeymoon!

I'm a new follower :)


cb said...

this reminds me of our honeymoon, i want to go back!!!! it looks so beautiful and restful. im sure you guys had such a great time, i mean who wouldn't in paradise!

Amber said...

that looks divine! Isn't it amazing what some people can do with towels?

Colores said...

Wow Lisaaaaaaa you got married!! I have not blogged that much lately s I was so happy to see your honeymoon pics. You both look magnificient!! Happy from the very bottom of my heart for you!!!kIsses

Steph said...

I'm glad you honeymooned in such a bright, romantic place. Congratulations again on your happy marriage!

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