26 Aug 2011

Design Notebook: Lisa Bengtsson

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I really love, and work with, patterns. So in this Design Notebook I will present a very talented Swedish pattern designer called Lisa Bengtsson.
Lisa has been making waves in the Swedish design industry ever since graduating from design school Berghs. Her designs such as "Familjen", "Svärmor" and "Sir Harald", has become very popular and are sold as wallpaper, textiles and other home interior products.
Lisa also works with graphic design and illustration. I love her unique ideas and the humour in her work. Check out more of Lisa's work here.



"Sir Harald". I've got this one as a table runner!

"Lisa Lisa"


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That really does look like something you'd love<3
And how lovely with the old photographes incorporated into the patterns.

Also, you are getting a blog award from me:
See if you feel like doing it, if not that's ok too, but if I'm passing on awards for lovely blogs, yours sure does deserve one:)

Amber said...

These are very cool. I've never visited here, but I really like your taste! The prints are cool :)

Unknown said...

i love how you've brought my attention to something i don't often consider lisa. don't get me wrong - i LOVE wall paper and pretty fabric but i never think very hard about patterns and the design of it

love that dog one with the alternating hairstyles!

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