21 Aug 2011

Introducing: Chloe of "A Day in My Wheels"

Hi lovelies!
Today I would like you to meet my fabulous sponsor Chloe! Chloe writes the blog 'A Day in My Wheels'. She's an awesome lady and I'd love it if you'd check her blog out and say hi!

Hi all!

I’m Chloe, 20, Northern and lover of all things lovely! At 16 I had an accident that left me paralysed. I decided from day 1, once the drugs wore off, that I wouldn’t let it stop me doing anything. My blog is about life on wheels, my love of family, food and film, with some added extra’s (keep it clean). I share my ups & downs, my loves & hates and maybe learn something new along the way...

Join in for a weekly round up of tv, film, news, music & pics, yummy recipies and the fun and dramas of my life!


Colby Kern said...

Just followed her! She's such an inspiration!

Sova said...

She is so cute ♥. I must follow her blog =).

milly said...

I love your blog, I’m following!

Would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway;



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