4 Aug 2011

Wine Tasting, Old Town and Peter's Birthday - France Final

On Tuesday James, my parents and I went wine tasting at this beautiful winery.
This region of France is famous for producing and selling lots of good rosé wines. But of course they also produce white and red, we tried them all!

We bought a few different types of wine, my favourite was the rosé.

Then we had a lovely lunch in a nearby village. I had salad with chevre chaud, mmm!
James drank a lemonade with a funny name.
After lunch we looked at some sculptures outside another winery.
Then we walked around in the medieval part of the town. Can you spot my mum in this picture?

On Wednesday evening it was time to celebrate my brother's birthday!
We went to a really nice restaurant with delicious food and a splendid view.
We had some champagne of course.

Peter got a nice camera from James and me. I was really pleased because I thought of the camera long before he actually told me he wanted one, so he didn't expect it at all!

Peter got a special dessert with a sparkling cracker in it, but the waiter was really clumsy and managed to knock it over so it "sparkled" right onto Peter's shirt!
But luckily nothing caught on fire, so all in all it was a fabulous night!


Janette said...

WOW! Some stunning places and amazing captures Lisa! I LOVE LOVE that one shot of the wine bottles..they are glowing! Nicely done!

Janette, the Jongleur

cb said...

i love me a good rose wine! hhmmm hmm! the winery is so beautiful and your pictures are lovely!


Unknown said...

this looks like a wonderful couple of days for so many reasons. i love the picture of your mom peeking out from behind the building!!

Unknown said...

Rosé wines are my favorite and that salad looks amazing. Happy Birthday, Peter!

♥ sécia

Anonymous said...

All those wine tastings look really fun! I bet it was so delicious :) Your family is so cute! I know I said that before but it is still true :) I'm glad your brother had a great birthday!

Haley said...

looks like another wonderful adventure with your family! :) and your dress...i simply adore it :)

Unknown said...

I am here from ftlob and wanted to stop by and see your blog. I love your pictures. I was in France, Italy and Barcelona Spain last year...for 3 weeks and some of these pictures here remind me of our stay at Chateauneuf du Pape!! Oh, now I need to go back again!!!! The wine there was fabulous!

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