16 Aug 2011

Alfred Nobel's Dynamite Factory, Renovated Castles and Ocean Views - Four More Venues

Now we have looked at seven venues! After visiting all of these our heads were spinning! So much to think about, and all of the venues had their own charm, and pro's and con's of course.

So here are venues four, five, six and seven. Which out of all of them do you think we should pick?

This is Ekensdal, a really nice place South-East of Stockholm city.

The guests can arrive by boat!
The dining room was like a white canvas, then you decorate it with flowers according to your theme.
The ceremony can be held under this lovely tree (if the weather is nice). I really liked this place, the only problem was the dancing room that we felt was a bit small for our amount of guests. But the owner/head chef that showed us around seemed great!
The next venue was this amazing space called Winterviken, this used to be Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory! It was so cool, but probably a bit too big for us.
At Winterviken they also had a café where I enjoyed a very pretty cappuccino...

Next we went to Stallmästaregården, they had a nice terrace for the ceremony, with a roof which is good if it's raining!
Stallmästaregården is beautifully situated by the water, although shame about the building work on the other side!
The inside was very grandiose...
I could be rolled in on this horse when I enter the dining room for dinner :)
The view from the back.

Lastly, Vidbynäs Slott, a renovated castle South of Stockholm.

You can have the ceremony here...
and drinks on this nice terrace.
The dining room's interior is modern.
Even though we had a packed schedule, we really enjoyed looking at all the venues!


Cas said...

All of these places are amazinggg! My favorite is probably the dynamite factory... who cares if it's huge.. it's so awesome! :P Sea Marie

cb said...

i LOVE the factory one! that space is awesome and you can be sooo creative because it is open and you have just that beautiful brick and that is it. yes, you had a packed schedule but i am sure super enjoyable!

Amber said...

As much as I love Winterviken (that brick is charming) I think I am voting for the last one, the castle. It seems like it has a nice mix and the ceremony spot is lovely.

Sandra Bøgh Zerahn said...

I LOVE the factory! It is absolutely amazing, but I understand if it is too big :-) I also fell for the Sweedish charm of Skeiviks Gård and Säby Säteri :-) Thanks for sharing your hunt with us

Sara said...

Love the dynamite factory. WOW. Shame it's too big.

la said...

Your coffee looks so perfect! I love coffee art, its so cute.
Lisa, I am so thankful and speechless and overwhelmed to be featured in your brilliant blogs. thank you so much!

Colby Kern said...

I love all of these places. My favorite is Winterviken. So beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, so many beautiful places! I think the Ekensdal place is so beautiful, and having guests arrive by boat is so cool! It is also pretty awesome that the place is blank so you can really make it exactly the way you envision it. Wow, I don't know how you will decide because they are all amazing! I want to move my wedding to Sweden now!!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm in love with the dynamite factory. My new favorite.

♥ sécia

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