30 Jun 2011

New Shoes and Summer Hues

These are my new summer shoes, aren't they cute? I bought them when I was in Sweden, the brand is called Vagabond. I must say I think shoe shops are much better in Sweden than here in England, the shoes are always so extreme here, sky-high stilettos ain't my thing!

On another shoe related note: I was approached on the bus yesterdat by an old man who admired my "Romanesque shoes" (gladiator sandals from last year) and asked if they didn't cost me a fortune? He looked really shocked when I said they are actually in fashion and you can find them anywhere for quite cheap... How sweet!


Unknown said...

They are totally cute. Love them.

♥ sécia

cb said...

cute new shoes lady!! i love getting stopped my strangers and having them tell me sweet things!


Nadine-Adele ♥ said...

Those are really cute :)

Haley said...

VERY cute shoes :) love the clean white, with the bronze details :) And that story of the old man made me smile!!

La Burbuja Rosa said...

lovely shes,love the colour!

Katie and Reuben said...

What a cute man! Not long ago I had an old man at the train station ask me if I was cold, because he thought my cardigan looked very thin and he was genuinely concerned! It was so sweet :)

Katie x

Lo said...

oh cute! for both the shoes & the old man! :) -Lo

Rebecca said...

Haha, I love your story about the old man :)

Luzmaría Alam said...

Clean and cute :D I need more shoes XDD..

thanks for your comment, i´m glad that you like my photoshoot


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I prefer flats to stilettos any day of the week :) Have a great weekend!

I V Y said...

super cute!


Krista said...

I love the little buckle, precious! I am a bit of a shoe girl and my new purple nike gladiators stop old men and traffic :)

ellareiss said...

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