26 Apr 2011

Sponsored Giveaway - Win CocoRose Ballet Pumps!

Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a great Easter break! Mine was fabulous and the weather was brilliant in London. To celebrate that spring is finally here I'm giving you the chance to win the most "spring-y" fashion item I know - a pair of lovely ballet flats! You can choose your favourite out of these three styles by CocoRose London.

I love the Manhattan ones! Here's some info about CocoRose's concept:
Cocorose London's original and unique concept for foldable ballet pumps offers women a stylish alternative to wearing high heels.

Presented in a chic and compact travel purse, our innovative shoes are ideal for your handbag. The accompanying shoulder bag, folded into the purse's back pocket, is perfect for storing and carrying your removed high heels when you change into your Cocorose's.

If you want to know more about CocoRose check out their lifestyle magazine here or follow them on twitter here.
To enter this competition: Follow 'A Piece of Lisa' (with GFC or Bloglovin') and leave a comment including your email address! For extra entries tell your friends about this giveaway on your blog, twitter or facebook (leave an extra comment with a link if you do this).
The competition is open until Tuesday 3rd of May. Good Luck sweethearts!

Ps. This competition is international, so you can enter from anywhere in the world! :)


Miss A said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I love all 3, haha xD But Manhattan is very unique!

cb said...

how awesome! i love the manhattan ones too! great giveaway sweetie!!

ccpb83(at)gmail(dot)com :)


Miss A said...

And since I forgot my email address in my previous comment.. I decided to tweet about this giveaway :) You can check it out here - http://twitter.com/#!/AnkiPat
My email address - ankitaptl@hotmail.com

Deer Little Fawn said...

Great giveaway! How exiting! Those pumps look sweet! I think I'd go for the manhattan ones.
I follow :)

dearlittlethorn [AT] yahoo [DOT] co.uk

Chelsea Van Tol said...

i follow! :)

Deer Little Fawn said...

I tweeted this lovely giveaway too :)

 Amy said...

WHAT?! These are absolutely incredible! I follow you on bloglovin, miss!


 Amy said...

I tweeted about it, too! http://twitter.com/amorby/status/62962990303027200

My Fashion Dolly said...

Hi Lisa, I love this giveaway!!! The ballet flats are just so cute! I really like the Cannes ones. Have a nice day :D

Xoxo ♥
Rocio R.
Email: myfashiondolly@me.com
Blog: http://myfashiondolly.blogspot.com

Janette said...

Please tell me this is an international giveaway! If so then I follow already...and my email is janettethejongleur@gmail.com
hope I win...weeee!

Maria said...

jeg følger deg jo:) og vil gjerne være med!

Chrissy said...

Love the giveaway!! Cannes are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

So so cute love the pink ones! :D


cecilia said...

Lisa, you fabulous woman! Is this the best prize anyone would ever want to win (oh yes!)? I've lusted after the Cannes ballet pumps since my very first glimpse of them. Nothing would cheer up a temporarily poor girl more than having golden tootsies. I do so hope that I'm the lucky one...fingers crossed :) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

stand out of a giveaway doll! thank you for the chance, i adore the Cannes ones total.


xo ♥

LCR said...

these are SUPER cute. what a great giveaway:)
my email is lcr-outsidevoice.blogspot.com
Hope you had a good easter long weekend!

Luzmaría Alam said...

I found your blog this weekend :D I like it!!

Those looks very original!!!

my email: ruzu3alam(at)gmail.com

my name is Luz.

take care.

blues said...

i agree with you! manhattan ones are loooooooooooooooovely!

Karolina Pettersson said...

I love the Manhattan ones! Fabulous giveaway!
Jag följer dig redan :)


blåmesen said...

O'course I already follow you, this blog is like chocolate to me (i.e. it's my drug)!

These shoes are really the perfect solution for the nights where you end up on the other side of town and the last tram's already long gone...


racんele said...

How cute is this giweaway? =3
These ballet pumps are absolutely adorable, they're colorful and it seems they're very comfortable!

My e-mail is contedrakis97@hotmail.it

xo <3

Karolina Pettersson said...

just tweeted as well! love k

Sandra said...

I found your blog through another blog, you had left a comment there and I've now read through the whole blog! Amazing illustrations btw...


J. said...

Oh, I could kill for a pair of "Parisian". Just what I've been looking for. :O

E-mail: saturnia@live.se

dorottyazsofia said...

I'm a follower and I love the Manhattan ones :)


Kim said...

Love those ballet flats! So feminine and sweet. I'm a follower as well. :) simplylovelifeblogger@gmail.com

Kirsty Girl said...

Oo I love those last ones!

Eleni said...

I'm really struggling to pick a favourite! I think Manhattan takes the cake though :)


Unknown said...

i'm a follower :)


Unknown said...

the cannes are definitely my favorite!


Sarah said...

Those Parisians! Sigh, perfection. ♥

What a fantastic giveaway, Lisa!


Nissa said...

I follow you on Bloglovin'. I love the super cute "cannes" flats!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, what an amazing give away. I already follow. I will tweet, and fb this too x

Kaci said...

These are amazing!


Julia said...

Holy cow, these are WAY too cute. I was really considering buying a pair at H&M, but they didn't have a lot of colors to choose from, so I reluctantly put them back.

Julia Alina said...

Ahhh shoot, I forgot to put down my e-mail! Silly me. :T


Anonymous said...

aww.. i love these espec. the "manhattan" ones!! i'm loving your blog.. new follower :)

vguerrero11@gmail.com <3

Anonymous said...

following! great giveaway.


Wasted Wishes said...

I love the Parisian! My last pair of black flats just gave out, so I'm in need of a new set. I follow your blog.

Jenna said...

I love Manhattan! So so cute. What a nice giveaway! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

This brand is super smart! And cute:)

Julianne said...

Following via GFC!

julianne.queensen at gmail dot com

nova said...

Welp, you just got yourself another follower. ME! :) Found you via Dainty Squid.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh such cute shoes!! I can't decide if I like Cannes or Manhattan better.

Following you on bloglovin' :-)

Kitty said...


I'm so happy I found your blog (via Dainty Squid). You are too cute. I am in love with the "Parisian" pair.

Fritzi Marie


Kate Caliope said...

Hi I'm following you now!

Kate Caliope said...

I also posted this on my tumblr :) http://saturdaywhataday.tumblr.com/post/5042653414/hmm
Love the Parisian ones and the manhattan ones...

Whitney said...

Following on Blovin and I'm going to link you in my blog. These shoes are amazing. I want a pair!

Louise said...

YES!! I follow you on Bloglovin! The Manhattens are my favorite too.


prouddaydreamer said...

Those are gorgeous! Following your blog now, it looks so great. And I'm loving your header c:


McKayla said...

I adore those "manhattan" flats!


Anonymous said...

I live for ballet flats. I'm 6'1" and am always in search of beautiful fancy flats (I get high heel envy).

Emma said...

I'm a brand new shiny follower!!

What an incredible opportunity, they are soooooo stinking cute!

Thanks! -Emma


tishous said...

Oh how lovely! And so happy to have found your blog...it's fabulous!

Mona Monster said...

I'd love love love to own the Manhattans! I'd wear them every day!


ElleA said...

I love the Parisian ones.
I'm following you with GFC!


Cajita de albaricoque said...

Love the manhattan ones. Your blog is really pretty(:

bridget said...

Oh wow, I'm dying over the Manhattan ones! So cute!

bridget said...

blogged here: http://goldminegutted.tumblr.com/post/5046406425/giveaway-from-a-piece-of-lisa-sponsored-by


Unknown said...

I LOVE THESE FLATS! Great giveaway. I hope I win.
Found you through Dainty Squid. Great blog!

Unknown said...

Tweeted your giveaway as well.

/// said...

I also love the manhatten ones :). shitzu18@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

those black and white ones look like so much fun!

♥ sécia

Miki said...

Oh, cool! I wanna be in! :D I've just started following your blog ;).

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the "Cannes" pair!! They're absolutely amazing!



Sway said...

Oh My Goodness! What a gorgeous giveaway!! J'adore the Manhattan Panache - how cute- like itty bitty winklepickers! So in love with them!
Luvluv, Sway


barbabietola said...

great giveaway, the "cannes" are my favourite

Mama said...

The Sand Extra shot shoes are so lovely!


Emma Z said...

These are all so cute! I would have to go with the parisian ones i think! New follower <3 your blog!


Emma Z said...

I tweeted about it also @emmabasilone! See it here: http://twitter.com/#!/emmabasilone/status/64494366156263424


Sandra Bøgh Zerahn said...

I'm in love with the Manhattan ones as well, they look great :-)

Sandra Bøgh Zerahn said...

I tweeted it too http://twitter.com/#!/sandra_blund


Unknown said...

I'm liking the Manhattan ones as well! Super cute :)


xo Amy.

Nikki said...

Tough choice! I'm going with Manahttan. Thanks for the giveaway, and great blog!


killing birds is not art said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the tiny dormouse said...

awwww, i looove them all!
the manhattans are, ofcourse, beautiful beyond comparison.
have a lovely day and a getaway, if possible!


Brooke said...

I love all of them, but the Cannes are my favorite over all. I also posted about this on my blog here: http://evoke-.tumblr.com/post/5142938226/this-giveaway-from-a-piece-of-lisa-is-pretty

Thanks so much for the giveaway!!


Forgotten Deer said...

Ohh, how cool!

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/sarcastictales
Tumblr: http://sarcastictales.tumblr.com/post/5143261790/evoke-this-giveaway-from-a-piece-of-lisa-is

Thanks for the chance! <3

Clare said...

These are lovely!


I also tweeted about this!

Thanks for this giveaway Lisa!

Dizzy said...

love these!!!
perfectlyimperfect_101@yahoo.com or
i tweeted about this at http://twitter.com/#!/dizzydelila

and posted this on my tumblr at

so so so amazing!

Dizzy said...


the actual link to the posting.

Love is Hell said...

email: jelly-651ytp@hotmail.com
awww they're so cutee!! :)

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaawwwww they're all so coooooool!!!! But I think I prefer the red ones ^^

my best friend jules said...

These are so cute! My favorites are the "Cannes" ones :)
xxx mervi

ps. I follow you on GFC.

Carla said...

ja eså gärna med. o följer dej sol-klart.


maven said...

I follow as Miggie Cananea :)


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