8 Feb 2011


My friend Tove has just bought this amazing painting by Lovisa Burfitt, so jealous!
Lovisa Burfitt is a Swedish illustrator, I have been a huge fan of her for a while now. I love that watercolour style that almost looks accidental, but of course it isn't, I read that she painted about 50 versions of these legs before she perfected the lines.
Lovisa Burfitt also illustrated this new line of crockery called "Mademoiselle Oiseau" for Swedish brand Rörstrand. I love the little box and coffee mug!
Photos from Rörstrand's blog Design by Day.


becca said...

aww. you're too cute.

and this is really neat, too. I'm glad you shared with us!

pandora89 said...

Hello Lisa!:) Thanks for the comment about the header, it's so appreciated!:) I like your layout, too, it's colorful and funky!:) If you like, follow my blog to be updated about my adventures in Germany!!:)

cb said...

love the print! it is so sassy!! i really love the plates and cups too!


Tove said...

Hihi, all thanks to you =) Mamma tyckte också den var superfin så nu är det bara mattan kvar ;)

strawberrygirl said...

really amazing items..I'd like to have these dish set at home!

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