18 Feb 2011

A New Life!

Yesterday I got a brand new niece! Ok, technically she's my boyfriend's niece but I like to say she's mine too! :) She's amazing, and it was incredible to hold her on the day she was born.

Photo by Emily Lynch.


Valentina A. said...



cb said...

congrats!!! i love holding new borns! they are so small and just oh so cute!!!
yayayaya for being an auntie!!


Amber said...

congrats thats such an exciting time

La Burbuja Rosa said...

congrats !!!That's a wonderful news!!!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

sweetness she is! i simply love the photo of her little toe spread. everyone must be overjoyed with a new babe to brighten the family.

pea ess: thank you so very much for your kind comment, it was a rough post to write and i really appreciate your hugs and thoughts. xo ♥

Hilary Grace said...



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