24 Feb 2011


The photo "shoot" went well, hurrah! I've got lots of good photos I can use in my header and the neighbours got to have a good laugh, so everyone is happy!


cb said...

you my dear are adorable! can't wait to see some more photos!


Fia Fit said...

Gorgeous! Jag vill ha ditt hår!!!!!! Din hårfärg är lovely!
Jag vet exakt hur jag ska få till looken nästa gång jag går till frissan... så här:

jessica_designer said...

you look so brilliant! xx

Deer Little Fawn said...

Very pretty!! and how nice is your hair! :) Look forward to seeing more of the pics!

Amy said...

You are just so so gorgeous! Can't wait to see the new header. :)

Amber said...

cute photos

Nicky said...

These are super cute shots- couldn't help but notice the "remote"??? So jealous... I need one of those for the whole timer, photoshoot thing!

Thanks for stopping by The Stitchy Life and saying hello :D

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Claire said...

You look wonderful! I love the embarrassment of a self done photo shoot, I always imagine that someone (besides my children) can see me.

Your blog is great, I'm excited to see more! Congratulations on your new niece, by the way. Babies are just wonderful. Now you get to see her grow up!

Thanks for the compliment on my song sketch, I appreciated it a lot.
Take Care,

My Fashion Dolly said...

You look very pretty!!! So stylish and chic. Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.


Hilary Grace said...

Beautiful!! I love it!:) What a fun springy outfit, too. Looks like fun!

Nicole said...

I'm loving the floral prints!!

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