26 Feb 2011

Mexican Street Food

Last night my friend Lauren and I went to a restaurant in Covent garden called Wahaca. It's a really good Mexican restaurant with authentic Mexican "street food", no tex mex!
We drank hibiscus margaritas...
and ate fish tacos, so good!
Thanks Lauren for a fab evening!


Sarah said...

I am so jealous! That looks deliciousss. And hibiscus margaritas? YUM. <3

cb said...

oh fish tacos!!! they look so yummy! we have TONS (and i mean there is at lease one on every block...really i am not joking) of mexican restaurants where we live but no good fish tacos!


Hilary Grace said...

My stomach literally just growled. Mexican food is my absolute faaavorite (sorry, Italian heritage)!! That looks so delicious. I'm intrigued by hibiscus margaritas..I'll have to hunt around for a local place that makes them.

Also, you're so pretty! :)

Fia Fit said...

Vad mysigt! Och vilka härliga bilder. Som vanligt! ;-)

My Fashion Dolly said...

Mmmmmh!!! It looks so good! Those fish tacos really look yummy. Que rico!

Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

Jessi said...

now I am hungry! looks so tasty!

Kajsa said...

åh, den där maten ser så fantastiskt god ut!

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