1 Apr 2010


Here is my pattern with another background colour. I think that works as well, but I might change the muffin and girl's clothing to blue tones later.

I also did a little photo collage with the original version to see what it would look like as a wallpaper. Now I really need to organize myself, James is coming home soon and I'm still in my dressing gown! :)


James said...

This pattern is so detailed! I love it - especially the bunny gentleman on the poodle. BIg fan of this and a big fan of your blog - keep it up girl!

moryn said...

Men shit.. har du gjort den?

Lisa said...

Yeah baby!:) Alltså den nedre bilden är photoshoppad, jag har inte tryckt upp mönstret som tapet, men jag har designat mönstret... funderar på att trycka på tyg kanske?

Ida Wiremark said...

Är så imponerad av det du gör!

Lisa said...

Tack sa mycket Ida!

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