17 Apr 2010

I'm Mingling With Royals and Celebs...

Ok, it was more like I was serving them dinner but still! :)

On Thursday I worked with a catering company at the Victoria & Albert Museum where they were celebrating a new exhibition honouring Grace Kelly. It was an extremely fancy dinner for invited guests including His Serene Highness (it said so on the place card, not royal but serene) Prince Albert of Monaco, Ringo Starr, Joan Collins and supermodel Erin O' Connor.

I have served celebrities before but never royals so that was fun, although i can't say that Prince Albert really looks like a prince, more like any old man... but his girlfriend was very beautiful and actually seemed really nice! Ringo Starr and Erin O'Connor was sitting at the same table and they seemed to have a lot of fun. Everyone at their table screamed and applauded enthusiastically when the desserts were brought in, that kind of excitement is not usually shown at these posh and stiff events.

That was all the gossip from me, peace out!

Images from www.zimbio.com


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