14 Apr 2010

New Blog Background Pattern!

I have finished my new pattern "Ice Cream Blossoms." I hope everyone likes it as it's now my new blog background. It is not as detailed as the first one of course, but that was kinda the whole point since that would have been far too busy for the background. Anyway I like, what do you think?


Josefine said...

I love it! Can flowers like that please start growing outside my flat?

And the little bunny! :)

Sell this patten and make lots of money!!!

Josefine said...

the colours looks best on your blog background, more subtle :)

Lisa said...

Thanks! I will try (to sell it) and then when I'm rich we can all party!:) Yeah I agree that the subtle colours works better on the webpage, found a great filter in PS that makes it looks like fabric! xoxo

Laura Hirt said...

me likey!
yeh looks better on the blog background!
But i will certainly miss the Eiffel tower!

Anonymous said...

Amzing! I want! Vi ses på måndag. xx

El Cundiana said...

Good Job :)

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