22 Apr 2012

Run Girl Run! *

Today was the London Marathon. I really admire anyone who can finish a 42k run.

Myself I'm training for a 10k charity run in July, I have never done anything like that before! Before signing up my exercise regime was very sporadic, and a few years back I would have just laughed if anyone asked me to run 10k!

But!... Since starting running regularly I must admit I have caught the running bug! In the beginning it was so hard, I could barely run 3km without falling over... But every time I went out there it became a little easier, and now I kind of love it! Sometimes I even get a kick and feel like I'm flying over the tracks (not every time though). From stomping out 3km like an elephant I can now run 6km and feel really good afterwards. I want to become a healthy person who is strong and in good shape, I only compete with myself and really enjoy making progress.
I still have quite a way to go until I can manage 10km, but hopefully by July I'll be ready!

A little while ago some of you mentioned in the comments that you were also training for a run, please let me know how it's going!

Meanwhile, here are some inspirational pics, they are from Nike Running and Runner's World.

I might just have to get this cute water bottle from Lulu, that's so me!
* That is the name of my new awesome iPod playlist!


Chrissy said...

I want to start running so bad, I just have to get over the "fear" of not being able to do it and just do it! Love the first quote! Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs xxx

Jenna said...

Glad the training is going well! You will def be ready by July :) Loving all the inspirational quotes.


cb said...

that is super awesome! i always admire people who can run, i just can't. it makes my ankles hurt and i am just not of fan but you go lady! i will be here virtually cheering you!

yaga said...

weeeh! i started running again last week and i really want to complete my 8week interval training this time! motivated big time, and i'm trying to pressure myself by telling everyone on facebook about it ^^
good luck for the 10k, that's my goal for next year I think!

Unknown said...

Great post and well timed (for me at least)! A couple of days ago I did my first run in forever. I'm doing the Couch to 5K thing - there's an iPhone app for it too! Which means of course, I really laughed at the iPod photo! I'm supposed to do run no. 2 today - don't really feel like it but hopefully I will get the running bug eventually like you!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

@Chrissy: Yeah just get over it and try it out sometime, it's not scary! :) Take it easy and don't stress if you can't run for as long as you had intended, walking is also good exercise! xo

@Yaga: Yay good luck! I think it's good to tell people about it, cause then you won't get away with not doing it! :)

xo Lisa

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

@Jen (Red Parka Diaries):
That's so great, well done! Yes in the beginning I never felt like running, but I tried to not pressure myself too hard, sometimes I walked instead of running. But after a while when you realise you can go for longer than before it's a great feeling and it becomes much more fun!

xo L

Katie said...

Ugh, the hardest part for me is sticking with it! Especially when the weather gets either too hot or too cold - I can't stand the treadmill!

Lifestyle By Lena said...

Men visst är det sååå härligt med löpning när man väl kommit igång? Duktig du är.
Önskar att jag kunde ta mig an ett marathon men nope, det är på tok för långt för mig ;)

Unknown said...

These quotes make me so excited to get back into running! I injured myself while we were moving a few months ago and I finally tried a run last week...it felt sooooo good, but now my ankle is hurting a bit, so I'm going to wait awhile longer. It's killing me though!

Unknown said...

i hate running so much - yet i do it everyday ha ! xxx

Sandra said...

Skulle verkligen vilja ha en sån vattenflaska!

Eleni said...

Do you know Bangs and a Bun's blog? (http://bangsandabun.com/) she's super cool and she loves running - you're in London, you could join her running crew! Anyway she's just started a fitness inspiration website for women at http://spikesandheels.com/

Thought you'd appreciate them!

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