29 Jan 2012

Sunday Tip

Sundays are perfect for snuggling up in bed reading your favourite magazine or blog. Today I found a new favourite blog - Lemon Fire Brigade by Sarah Bolla. If you like food and beautiful photographs you have to check it out. I was drooling as I read her recipe for Mango Sabayon Pie!

All photographs by Sarah Bolla


Renata Hoffmann said...

hummm looks like deliciussss

Unknown said...

Hi sweet Lisa, thanks for sharing, I will check it out as the pics look more than stunning! have a great week start!

Unknown said...


♥ sécia

cb said...

WOW! talk about beautiful pictures that mango pie looks like a work of art! i mean i would feel bad eating it but not that bad because i am sure it is delicious! i love finding new blogs! thanks sweetie!

Vivi K said...

I'm definetly checking her blog out! Her photographs are so stunning.
Thanks so much for sharing Lisa, love your blog!!

Much love, Vivi

Jenna said...

Thanks for the tip! That mango pie looks delicious :)


Sara said...

Those photographs are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her blog.


SILVIA said...

great love honey!
great style
congratulations!! =D

RochellekeCloset said...

lovely photos

Noémie said...

The picture of the mango sabayon pie makes me want to have it in my kitchen right now and eat it all up! How gorgeous! x


Unknown said...

oh my, that pie looks incredible! so beautiful!

Nancy said...

those photos are amazing.


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