24 Jan 2012

Formex Favourites

I'm back in London after an intense but very good visit to Sweden. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I went to a design fair in Stockholm with my mum. The fair is called Formex and is the largest one in Scandinavia for interior and surface design. It was so inspiring and interesting to see all the new design products and talk to the designers and exhibitors. I especially liked the section with young Swedish designers.

Here are my favourites from Formex:
KD Konstig Design by Emma Sjödin was my favourite of the fair. Emma makes beautiful home products from her art; drawings and watercolour paintings inspired by her childhood on the Swedish West Coast island Tjörn.
I love these pillows with a print inspired by the shape of a seashell, and I also adore the green coasters with the three leaves.
Emma was incredibly nice, me and mum talked to her for ages and mum even put in an order for some of her products!

Emmas product range includes tea towels, trays, coasters and textiles, you can buy them in her web shop or check out stockists here.
Another memorable exhibitor was Jenny von Döbeln with her design company Mini Empire. Jenny is a graphic designer/illustrator who studied and worked in Barcelona for five years before moving back to Sweden and starting Mini Empire.
Jenny's owl wallpaper really caught my eye, and the more I look at it the more I like it! I find her illustration style so charming, I love when designers incorporate a bit of humour in their work! To see more of Jenny's illustrations, click here.
These amazing ceramic chandeliers are made by Créme de la Créme.
They also showed lovely cake stands made from odd pieces of vintage crockery.
I also like the summery glassware and jars by Lisbeth Dahl...
And these lovely lamps and pretty paper products by Danish design company Rie Elise Larsen.
Graphic Design company Format presented a very cool wall sticker, it's a tree that you can change depending on the season. Would be a fun thing to do with your kids!
Puzzled by Art was another interesting young designer, behind the products is oil painter and illustrator Lisa Ling.
This stand was so cool, I love the funky wallpaper! The company is called Isak, they had lots of cute products.
There were also a section of bathroom products, these bath melts from Bomb Cosmetics looked good enough to eat!
Sthål is a company consisting of Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg, two graphic designers who has created a collection of beautiful ceramic dinnerware.
Arabesque is Sthål's first collection and will be launched in May this year.
Lastly, I love these mugs and carafe from Maria Liliegren, fresh and retro at the same time!


cb said...

this looks so cool! so many amazing products! the owl wallpaper is so cute but the triangle one you are standing in front of is super cool! looks like you had a great time!

Sara said...

That looks like quite the inspiring place to poke around at. I hope you had a blast taking it all in. :)


Janette said...

Did they know you were a designer as well? Cause that would probably make them nervous.. I get soo self conscious when a fellow photographer is looking at my work.. Know what I mean? Or maybe that's just me and I'm weird.. Haha!

Such lovely stuff! When are you going to have your own exhibit like this?

Janette, the Jongleur

Libby A. said...

WOW...I'm so jealous right now of your experience and trip to the exhibit! thanks for sharing! this looks awesome!

Minted Magazine said...

Wow. These photos are so awesome!

Minted Magazine


Unknown said...

Loving that chandelier and those bath melts look good enough to eat!

♥ sécia

Chrissy said...

That fair looks amazing! Love all the colors! xxx

Unknown said...

wow! What a amazing Fair.. I love it all .. but my all time favorite is that owl wallpaper .. Shared on my Facebook .. do you have a Facebook page?

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