23 Oct 2011

Calling For November Sponsors + Sponsor Spot Giveaway!

I am accepting sponsors for the month of November! With a rapidly growing readership and very affordable rates 'A Piece of Lisa' is the perfect place to advertise your business, website, blog or Etsy shop.

A Piece of Lisa currently have over 800 followers and an average of 15.000 unique visitors/month.

If you're interested in sponsoring A Piece of Lisa you can check out my sponsorship info here or email me at lisa_edoff@hotmail.com

Sponsor Spot Giveaway!

Just because I adore you all so much, I am also giving away one medium and one small sponsor ad for free! The medium ads are 225x110 pixels and the small one is 110x110 pixels. The ads will be up for the month of November and your website/shop will also be promoted via twitter.

To enter leave a comment and tell me why your blog/shop/website deserves to be advertised, and don't forget to include a link.
For extra entries: blog, tweet or write on facebook with a link to this post.

I will choose two winners, and they will be announced on Friday the 28th of October.


Autumn said...

I believe that my blog deserves to be advertised because it reaches out to girls who are struggling with their self-esteem. I know through experience that a comforting word goes a long way in helping someone with their struggles, and I want to give that to them :)


Maria said...

I think my blog deserves a little attention! Ive just started to blog about my style, and honestly I`m feeling a little self conscious about it! As a girl who wears size XL I find it hard to post outfit pictures in the ocean of model-looking bloggers, but I`m very stubborn and want to follow through with what my heart tells me to!

And thanks for the kind words from you:) I appreciate it! love from norway.

(your post is also tweeted @ mariaskaaren)

Anonymous said...

here I am! internodiciotto is a little shop still so advertising on blogs isn't that easy yet. All my things are handmade with love and I also have a lovely little blog who talkes about style, fashion, crafters and whatever inspires me. So lets hold the fingers (how we say in german) and let's hope to win! :D


love, sissi

Luzmaría Alam said...

Wow, thanks :) I started to blog 3 years ago, but my blog now is different, first just was to follow another blogs, later I decided to talk about my daily. I think blogs are more than just show your life, I think is my space to show my art, things I love, dreams and maybe help others to find inspiration or show the work of other artist, because my blog is about art in general. I wish someday someone can help me with my dreams, so thats why I write more, and its a perfect place to have your own space, like a little box of nice things, and be creative.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Oh, so hard to say why I would deserve it... someone might stumble upon it because of the ad here and my blog might bring a smile on her/his face for a little while.

Also, you'd have a cute owl in your sidebar for a while, now if that's not worth it I don't know what is;)


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I tweeted: @b_e_nightowl

Let It Be Raw said...

After graduating college and being laid off from my job, I assumed the next step would be to find a real full time job. The economy blew me off and I had to rethink everything. I've been unemployed for about 7 months now, and it has been a mixed blessing. I may be really poor and frustrated at times, but the time has allowed me to rediscover my love of photography as a career pursuit. My blog deserves an ad spot here so that I can share with others the joy of finding yourself and your career, and to begin my love affair with photography.

Thank you for considering Let It Be Raw Photography:


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, love your blog and this is such a great giveaway idea!
I would love you to consider featuring me :)
Im a kiwi gal living in Miami FL and I have a little hobby making arts and crafts inspired by Mexican art after I lived there for a couple of years!

You can check me out at

and you will find there that I have a little shop on etsy too! I love creating things to make people happy so any way that my goodies can be shared with the world is a bonus!

Thanks heaps!
x Madeline

Anonymous said...

Hello love =) I would LOVE a space on your lovely blog. I know I'm only a little blog right now, but I'm trying to turn it up in time to open my Folksy shop in November, and I could really do with some new faces around while I'm launching. It would be so lovely to have a spot on here. to help me out =) x

Lublyou said...

Your blog is great and we'd love to have you show us off, of course!

We're a young couple living in Moscow, Russia. I'm American (Ben) and Katie is Russian. We love animals, travel, being outside and all creative things. We met in Montana, met again in Korea and did a lot of long distance, and now we're finally together :-) We have a very, very furry pet bunny called "Yena" whose feet are cuter than words can explain.

We are working to focus our little blog on fun & simple things that couples can do together! We both do the writing and photography, and we're just starting to get it going. We'd definitely appreciate your help!

Here's our link! Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Angel said...

Oh jeez. This is hard for me to do, my blog isn't that new, but its not old either. I'd like to think this past year is when my little art blog has grown a lot, in posts, style, art, followers and more. It would be great to have a spot on your lovely blog so I could share my artwork with a wider range of people.
My 3 year blog anniversary is coming up in Nov too. :]

Anyways, thank you for this opportunity and good luck in picking a blog.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a sponsor of your blog! It has such an incredible design and I have loved checking in ever since I discovered your site. My blog has been around for 2 years and it is my source of creative freedom. I love putting hard work into how it looks, the content, and meeting new readers and bloggers. It would be amazing to have a spot on your site where I could share a bit of my passion for design, cooking, and fashion.

Karolina Pettersson said...

I'm like the worst person ever to try and say something positive of anything of mine and kinda don't know why I should deserve anything at all... maybe that's one of the reason to why I should deserve an ad on your blog, becuase through the years I haven't been so good in promoting myself becuase of my huge confidence problems...

...but at the state I am now, I could really say that my photography is good, my illustrations keep getting better and my blog is in fact quite interesting, but ofcourse I could get better, and with some new confidence and the help of an ad at your place, I would love improve myself together with some more lovely people!

Sorry for the oh so very long comment..;) Love K


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
My blog deservers an ad spot here because I just revamped the look of it, and I'm opening my first Etsy shop in a week from now :D
You can check out my blog here: http://winkieflash.nl
Oh and, there's a giveaway too! :)

But to be honest, I think all blogs here deserve an ad spot :)


Janette said...

Oh! I want to enter! And I deserve to win cause I like to think my blog is pretty cool...lol And the whole world should know about it! Wow! That sounds so cocky...But you know what I mean! I just want to make more blog buddies! It's fun having friends from all over the world!

Janette, the Jongleur

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