11 Oct 2011

Autumn Goodness

The Indian summer is definitely over and autumn has come to London for real this time. Even though I love summer I always feel quite happy when autumn comes too, I love the beautiful colours in nature and crisp air.

This autumn I want to:
-Look stylish and autumn-chic in a hat!
-Make a beautiful fall dessert like these pears with cacao ganache and cinnamon.
Recipe and photo by Susan at Rawmazing.
-Warm my feet in these cosy slipper boots from Fat Face.
-Eat lots of wild mushrooms in Sweden. They are sooo delicious. In Sweden mushroom picking is a big thing, everyone does it! Since I live in London I haven't done it for years, but I get to eat them when I come home to visit, mmm!
-Make Pies and Quiches. I love them, especially when it starts to get cold. This wild mushroom and artichoke pie looks amazing!
-Dress like this. Relaxed yet chic looks, with fun colours and patterns from Wren's fall collection.
-Try these pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream. I have never tried pumpkin cake or cupcakes, but this sounds amazing!
Photo by Amy, recipe by Mel of Made in Mel's Kitchen.
Finally, I want to snuggle up with a book under this gorgeous throw. From 79 ideas.

What are your autumn wishes?


camille yanair said...

i need those slippers, that pizza, and that throw and a rainy saturday. that'd be perfection! happy tuesday!

Anonymous said...

this looks all just awesome! i love totally the autumn colors, it's one of my favorite seasons!

Lo said...

sounds so awesome! I am up for all of those things as well! My step dad is very big into mushroom picking and I am sure that he is ready to do so very soon! :) -Lo

Unknown said...

looking at these lovely pics I feel so cosy!!!!

larissa bree said...

Oh my those cupcakes look yummy!!

cb said...

no don't say it! we are getting 80 degree weather this thursday so it isn't over till the fat lady sings! hahah oh i forgot another thing i love about fall, MUSHROOMS! they are one of my favorite things to eat!

Amber said...

I am with you on the hats! I am trying to grow my collection especially for fall.

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Shutterbug said...

a pair of cute and warm boots! :D

Unknown said...

Those pears look divine.

♥ sécia

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh that throw is amazing! Love it! And yay for fall!! xxx

A Lost Feather said...

oh my.. a good book and that gorgeous throw sounds wonderful :) and so do those pears. wow.

fall here is a little confused right now. it was in full swing last week, but 80 degrees this weekend! so weird. i think it's supposed to get chillier towards the end of the week maybe :) i want some fall weather!

h said...

I know it's not exactly the kind of 'pie' you're discussing, but I once had the most amazing onion pizza with, like, 3 or 4 different kinds of onions on it. Soooo good. And so autumnal, in my mind, anyways.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I want to make quiche too!! :D I love fall. I feel like I have written about it every day on my blog. Ha.

Steph said...

Oh man, I'd love to go foraging for wild mushrooms again! Yeeears ago, I went mushroom picking in Finland. My friend told me to 'look for the ones that are like little brains' which I thought was kind of awesome.

This is a fantastic collection of fall photos, Lisa!

Unknown said...

sounds like a great autumn! i lovvve that first picture by the sartorialist :) hope you can enjoy all these things this season! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful! I love autumn clothes, and the ones you featured are just brilliant! I am excited to wear tights again, and sweaters... it is just now getting a bit more cool outside, so I am ready! I hope you get to try all these lovely things and more!

Clemence - Oh The Lovely Things said...

Oh my, I love everything here! Autumn color palettes are so pretty. And these pears...yummy!

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