6 Dec 2010

I Need Some Website Inspiration

I'm going to re-design my portfolio website in the new year, and I want to come up with a really nice design that is also easy to update. It can't be too complicated either since my webdesign skills are somewhat limited.

Here are three websites that I really like the style of. Screenshots from Telegramme Studio, Lowe Brindfors, and Nubby Twiglet.

Does anyone have any other tips on cool, inventive yet simple portfolio sites?


cb said...

otherpeoplespixels.com is a good site but it cost to have up...i think about $16 per month. i have to make a website too that is one of my goals in 2011! which reminds me i have to finish my list!!!

good luck!


Glenn Evans said...

Hm, well, for an image-heavy site, it pays to be organized. Keep things inside the canvas, so to speak. Try to make sure that the images are not too big that they need a lot of scrolling down, since that can be a bit of a hassle online.

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