18 Nov 2012

Our Wedding - The Party

Here is the last post in the series from our wedding, about the fabulous dinner and party!

After the ceremony the guests mingled inside while James and I went around the back of the mansion to take some portrait photos with our photographer Anna.

Then it was time for dinner!

My brother Peter was the toastmaster together with James' brother Carl.

All the speeches were phenomenal! In Sweden weddings are often quite informal, any of the guests that wants to can make a speech or sing a song or do something else for the bridal couple. Sometimes people do even if they haven't prepared it beforehand (this often occurs towards the end of the dinner when the party atmosphere starts to kick in), it's really fun!

Another funny tradition at Swedish weddings is that when the bride or groom goes to the bathroom someone starts clinking a glass and that means all of the male/female guests have to get up and kiss the bride or groom.

Here's me smooching all the guys!

My dad made a speech to me that was so nice, both moving and funny.

For starter we had salmon tartar, everyone said the food was delicious but I was too excited and wired to really taste it!

Carl was a really good speaker too.

James' best man Jamie had made an incredible video about James, he has worked with film production so it was something else!

My mum and dad.

Our friend, and witness, Ulrica.

My cousin Anna talked about the cute (and weird!) things we were up to as kids.

James' parents.

My friends had also prepared a video from my hen party, it was awesome and so fun to watch!

The dessert: elderflower soup with wild strawberry ice cream.

The last speech was an impromptu schnaps song from our friends Nina, Emily and Phil, James and I worked with them at the restaurant where we first met!

After the dinner the guests dived into the props box and photographed themselves for our guestbook.

Lauren found her perfect hat!

My handsome friends Joakim and Ricardo.

Then it was time to cut our beautiful wedding cake.

We chose a sponge cake with white chocolate and raspberry filling, it was so good!

After the cake it was time for the first dance, our song was "At Last" by Etta James.

We took a dance lesson in London and even had a little routine... 

It was so much fun!

We got the ending move perfectly with this dip, all our guests went wild!

After the first dance we did Jewish dancing, James and I were lifted up on chairs!

I love the Jewish dancing, everyone goes mad!

From then on we just partied, it was amazing, everyone was so happy and had a great time.

We had an awesome rock band...

We even got to perform a song with them! Neither of us can sing but that doesn't matter on your wedding day!

We really had a blast, it was the most beautiful and fun day of our lives! The whole day was filled with love and happiness, we feel so lucky to have shared all the enjoyment with our families and closest friends. We wish we could do it all over again, but now we start the next chapter of our lives as husband and wife and we really couldn't be happier.

Photographs by Anna Malmberg. For the first two parts of my wedding, see: Getting Ready and The Ceremony.


Messy said...

You have some amazing photos and memories here :))) Congrats on being a newly wed!


Sofia Bee said...

Det verkar verkligen som att ni hade jätteJÄTTEkul på ert bröllop, så himla härligt att se!
Ni har båda så himla fina leenden :)

Angela Marie said...

SO Beautiful! You are such a beautiful bride. Congrats again :)

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

sweet harvest moon said...

So beautiful!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Amazing! Your wedding looks really special. And not just for you two, but for all the guests as well. I like that it's very humble and informal, yet still very extravagantly "wedding-y" as well.

Jenna said...

This seriously looks like one of the most genuine and happy weddings I've ever seen! You two make such a beautiful couple and I've never seen two people look more in love :)


Emily Baker said...

sooooo lovely :)

cb said...

What a beautiful wedding and it looks so yummy and fun! I want relive ours too, weddings are so much fun!!!

Keyta Hawkins said...

Ohh What beautiful pictures! Made me happy looking at them.

- Keyta

Strawberry Nuts said...

I love all the pictures ... your photographer was brilliant.

Chrissy said...

This is so lovely! Amazing photos! Beautiful! xxx

Liselotte said...

Ok, now I also want to get married!!
Reason a) best party ever??
Reason b) best label in blog ever = "When I got married")

Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

You looked just beautiful and radiant! Congrats:)

Neva Modzelewski said...

The reception place is divine, and your wedding cake is to die for! It may not be the traditional wedding cake, but I love the creativity of the caterer. Oh, and what’s a wedding without a great live band!

Neva Modzelewski

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