4 Oct 2012

My New Products! *And Some Exciting News*

My new Lisa Edoff Design products have arrived, hooray! I am so pleased with this Magnolia tray, the colours and details really came out perfectly!

I tried two different sizes of trays with the magnolia design, above is a medium tray, good for a cup of tea and a sandwich...

And this is the "cocktail" tray, it's long and thin, good for serving canapés or small cakes!

Which size would you be more inclined to purchase?

I also tried a new version of the Alice design, the bottom tray is the new one. In the new design Alice is wearing checkered trousers... But I'm thinking I'm gonna stick with the first version, I feel like the checkered detail makes the pattern too fuzzy, do you agree?

I also got this lovely magnolia cheese board, super happy with that!

I've also got this round "Ice Cream Blossom" tray from before, so these are the trays that I will be selling... in my new store on notonthehighstreet.com!

Not On The Highstreet is a great uk website that, in partnership with small independent design businesses, sell unique and lovely design products. I love this website, I bought jewellery from them for my bridesmaid's gifts. I was going to apply to start selling with them when I got an email from them asking me to be their partner! The funny thing was at that time I didn't even have my products yet, the only one they had seen was the round tray. But I was so happy and excited, and now I have officially signed up!

Next week I am going to take some lovely photographs of my tray and hopefully in a couple of weeks you will be able to buy them from Not on the highstreet's website! I will be able to ship to pretty much anywhere too! 

There will also be notebooks with the peacock and magnolia designs, can't wait for them to arrive!


cb said...

Lisa they turned out so good! The magnolia pattern is my favorite! I love it!! The cheese board is an awesome idea. I think i like the wider tray so it can fit more like a larger plate if need be. Congrats on the partnership! I see big things happening for you!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks so much Cristie, it feels so great to have your support! :)

xx L

Josefine said...

Jättefina! De kommer att sälja som smör i solsken!

Jag röstar på den stora magnoliabrickan. Håller med när det gäller byxorna på Alice. Den första är bäst.

Kramar Jossan

Lisa J. Ammerman said...

Love your products! Congratulations on the new website! I will certainly go check it out. Also, I agree about the checkered pants....I like them better solid. The checks make it too busy and distract from a GREAT pattern!

My Fashion Dolly said...

OMG, your designs are so lovely! I love them all, specially the Alice one! I prefer her checkered pants. Wow, you're really talented!


tove said...

Men hörrö vad händer?! Shit vad roligt!!! Skönt att bloggen finns så man får ta del av allt som händer..hmpf!! Puss!

Anonymous said...

I love the cheese tray! And you're right, the first Alice in the red pants looks better than the second one :)

Eleni said...

Wow, congratulations! I love the magnolia pattern, and I think I would prefer the medium sized tray rather than the long one - I am significatnly more likely to be eating a cup of tea and a sandwich than canapes, so it would get more use!

Amber said...

they came out great! I really like the cocktail size. I could even see using it as a place to stash odds and ends in a bathroom.

Anh | Feminine 23 said...

I love the last one the most. So colorful and eye-catching. Others are elegant and pretty girly too. Nice job!

Alicia O. said...

Hej Lisa,

First time commenting, but am coming out of (virtual) hiding to congratulate you on your new business venture =) I love love love the Magnolia design, and while the larger tray may be more practical, I can see using the cocktail-sized tray as a photo prop with a row of pretty cupcakes, tarts or mini-pies on them.

You're right about the Alice tray - the solid pants look better (to me anyway ;))

Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures and lovely designs with us. All the best, hope your items sell out in a blink! =)


Unknown said...

totally agree on the alice print. the checkered pants were too much. when can we purchase??? i want! tried going to the website but couldn't find your store!!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

@Emily Baker:

Sorry, my page on the notonthehighstreet website is not quite finished yet! it will be live soon though, and then you can order! :) Thanks so much for asking, I am so excited now! :)

xo Lisa

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