11 Feb 2012

Mango, Jenga and Backwards Dinner

Last night Josie and I went to MADD in Soho, it's a funky new restaurant that serves mango-based desserts, good thing I absolutely love mango!

You could either have desserts like mango crème brûlée or mango cheesecake, or build your own dish with a mango base and choose toppings.
We had a sharing platter with the crème brûlée, mango/passion fruit fool, nutella chocolate cake and siam which is sticky sweet rice. All of it was heavenly!
The lovely owners Jon and Ralph told us about different types of mangoes, if I remember it right the one we ate was called Kesar, it was so sweet and juicy!

We also liked the quirky interior decor.
They had Jenga games on each table, I haven't played that since school, so fun!
After the mango madness we decided to go for main courses at Ping Pong, we had dim sum and edamame, it's a bit weird but really fun to eat your dinner backwards sometimes!


Jenna said...

Sounds like such a cool new place! Jenga on every table would have me hooked in an instant :)

Looks like you ladies had so much fun!


Hannah said...

The food sounds amazing, I'd love to visit a quirky little place like that some day... maybe even own one!

Unknown said...

You've captured your night perfectly. I LOVE mango!!!

♥ sécia

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think it is a good thing that I live in the back of beyond and don't have many good restaurants nearby - I'd be forever scoffing! However, MADD looks amazing. Slightly jealous!

Tina said...

Apparently, I need to go there. Like, right now. Excuse me while I go convince the hubby we need to take a three-hour drive to go get dessert...

Vivi K said...

Mmmm I'd love some mango creme brulee right now! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Much love, Vivi


Tracy said...

Yum! I'm your newest follower! :)

cb said...

what a cool restaurant! and the decor is really fun too! mango cheesecake sounds so amazing! i wish i could try!

smäm said...

yumyum :)

Me And My Sweets said...

Sounds like a perfect place! I absolutely LOVE mango, I def have to go there:-)

Rebecca said...

Are you in the States, or is there a Soho by you? ;) This restaurant looks YUMMY - my boyfriend would just die since mangos are his FAVE!

Sofia said...

Hej Lisa,

följer din blogg och kom kom att tänka på dig när den här tävligen dök upp hos en annan bloggerska: http://attvaranagonsfru.se/2012/02/13/att-gora-nat-bra-av-det-dar-med-natverk/#comments

Kanske vore något?

MVH/ Sofia

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...


Tack snälla för tipset, såg riktigt kul ut!
Kram Lisa

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