5 Feb 2012

Cocktails, Shopping and Snow

This weekend it has been freezing in London! But my friend Nina was here with her friend Jessika so I've had lots of fun. On Friday night we went to the Ice Bar, sounds crazy when it's so cold outside but we didn't actually go into the ice bar, it's in a special room, so the rest is a normal bar and restaurant where Nina used to work when she lived in London.
We had the best cocktail ever for when it's cold outside: a hot chocolatini!
Complete with marshmallows and everything, so yummy!

Nina and me.
James had an expresso martini which was also very good, and very stylish!
The next day we went to an outlet village outside of London called Bicester Village. I bought an adorable Cath Kidston apron that I'll show you another time. At about 5pm it started snowing and didn't stop! Today when I woke up it looked like this outside, for London it's a lot of snow because the English can't handle it :)


Unknown said...

OH goodness that cocktail looks heavenly! It's inspiring me to make one tonight!! (it's pretty cold here in Canada)!

cb said...

that martini sounds amazing and even equipped with marshmallows! yum!

Disturbed Style said...

Great photos and post :) I love it :)

Maria said...

nam! for noen fine drinkar! :)

Unknown said...

Snow!!! So jealous.

♥ sécia

Chrissy said...

Mmh, that cocktail looks so good! And snow! How fun - we don't have any snow, yet.
Happy Monday xxx

Unknown said...

You had a terrific time!! lucky you! and those cocktails uhmmm I would like to sip one of those:-)))

Chloee said...

I love london when its snowie

Unknown said...

London looks so beautiful!!! le sigh

Noémie said...

Wow that hot chocolatini looks so gorgeous!! x

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