5 Sep 2010


Kräftskiva means 'crafish party' which is a tradition in Sweden and something my friend Tove organizes every year. This year was great fun because she invited all of our old school friends. It was so nice to see them again, some I hadn't seen for about 5 years or more!

I had been asked to make a dessert so I tried something that I wanted to do for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday. I made a stencil that looked like a crayfish to decorate the cake.
It came out like this. It was a layered sponge with chocolate mousse, meringue and Nutella/banana. For the decoration I used cocoa powder.

Tove and Sofia

The view from the house, so nice.
Johannes was there...
as well as his brother Andreas.
We played a game with five competitions, we were in two teams who went up against each other.
One was the water-game...
another was the one where you have to hammer down a nail as quickly as possible.
There was also one where you compete in boot-throwing, in which me and Tommy rocked!
Andreas and Lars.

The sweet girls Sofia and Sandra.
Then it was time to eat the crayfish!
They were sooo good!
We also had really good pies that some of the guys brought.
And the dessert was a success!


Tove said...

Åh vilka fina kort! Det var verkligen en lyckad kräftskiva! =) Jag fick en cd med Johannes kort också, ska jag skicka den till dig?

Lisa said...

Ja verkligen, jättebra initiativ!! Ja det skulle vara supergulligt om du kunde skicka den till mig. Puss!

Cissi said...

Åh vilka fina bilder! Och vad häftig tårtan var, måste prova det nån gång...

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