18 Apr 2013

2 x Bird Scarves

Hey everyone and happy almost-Friday!
I'm really excited to show you my new silk scarf prototypes! They were a bit tricky to photograph because they haven't been cut and sewn yet, at the moment these two scars are printed on the same sheet of fabric so imagine them without the hint of another design showing through and without the white edges!

This a new version of my "Sailor Bird" design, I've added this b/w diamond-shaped pattern which I'm really happy about!

The second scarf features a new layout of my peacock design...

there's two peacocks this time!

Both of the scarves are printed on 100 % crepe de chin silk fabric, I used Spoonflower and think they came out beautifully!

Can't wait til they are all sewn up and ready for the trade show!


Chloee said...

These are gorgeous, I want 3 :) xxxx

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thank you Chloee! :)

MaJo BV said...

these are really gorgeous Lisa! Love the designs and motifs!!! Are they in Spooflower's silk?

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Thanks so much! Yes they are printed on Spoonflower's silk crepe de chin.

cheap country dresses said...

Love the designs and motifs!!Soon to be featured at Covet And Love It Vintage

Cupcake Couture said...

Cute blog!!

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Emma said...

Both scarves are really gorgeous! xx I really like your work.

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